Monday, 2 April 2012

'Pantai Chendering' is the best place for to visit ever...i hope u all enjoys it when came to my pleasure state, Malaysia....this beach have beautiful views for anyone wants to release located at Terengganu, and about 14 kilometers from Pantai Batu Buruk...

hope U enjoys when came u all <3

Friday, 9 March 2012

if you were....??

hye....i'm's was my first time to have a blog....and also, not think before it in my minds to make a blogging as my hobby from now...haha....stop talking about that..

okay,,, any persons have dreams their personality as their idol in my life....u all, i think have it also, right??
hahaha,, want to be a superstars with a any type style what are u dreaming...want to be a superhero to save our world??? waaaaaa...come on, its was child dreaming in fantasy world.... me, if i were a manchester united manager, i will ask to make a stadium with a devil theme...hahaha...yes, it's were a crazy idea, right?? but, it's my, nobody not should block it...huhu

about that stadium, i want the make the fields with blood colour and then, the goalkeeper side have flame animated....huhu...that's also can make the invited team not have brave to defeat my team...many percentage to make my team look amazing team in our media in Bitain..

okay, that's what i about u..??'s amazing, right?? leave your story in your coment...i hope u like it with my story...

(i'm sorry if my story have many wrong vocabularry, because i'm still student and not much know how to write in english..i hope u all can teach me, if have any wrong in my words.....)